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Accelerate your Modernization Journey. Develop skills in designing, building, and managing modern applications.

In this session entitled “Serverless as the Next Normal: Modernizing Applications Using AWS Lambda and Fargate”, you will be looking at the Serverless landscapes in the Next Normal. You will be exploring AWS Lambda and Fargate as technologies to help you steer the wheel towards modernizing applications and discuss where using Lambda over Fargate (and vice versa) will be better through different use-cases.

Apply these learnings to your own development workflow, and really see how Serverless adheres to the idea of “less is more”.

Adriel is a Solutions Architect at Stratpoint, an advanced consulting partner of AWS. He currently leads a team to achieve high quality delivery performance while also advancing agile modern application development. Specializing in Serverless Applications, he leverages on AWS services as an AWS Certified Developer, Solutions Architect, and Associate SysOps Administrator.