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Enterprises are already adopting machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies at a rapid pace, but the process of deploying models can be a minefield to navigate.

Ralph Regalado will talk about “Moving your ML Models Into Production” to help innovative leaders explore common ML and AI deployment problems and how to solve them.

Ralph is Senti AI’s CEO and a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning. He began dabbling in the startup scene when he joined Ideaspace’s StartUp Weekend Manila. Ralph pitched the concept of an AI-backed analytics software that was able to understand Filipino languages and ended up winning.

To date, he leads Senti AI, the pioneering Artificial Intelligence company in the Philippines that is focused on creating customer-centric AI solutions for BPOs, telcom, media, government, research, and more. His company’s mission is to empower humans and organizations to efficiently work with AI.

Ralph has represented Senti AI and the Philippines in other countries including Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Poland.

Before innovating the Artificial Intelligence scene in the Philippines, Ralph fulfilled his first passion: teaching. Ralph was a former Assistant Professor at De La Salle University where he taught mobile, web development, and technopreneurship courses.

Continuing his passion for education, Ralph now also travels around the world conducting Machine Learning bootcamps on behalf of Google to address the lack of talent in and awareness about Artificial Intelligence.

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