Vahe is an award-winning innovator, serial entrepreneur, and technologist with 17+ years in software engineering, leading engineering of massive-scale projects, and developing products. Led teams at Amazon Web Services (AWS Australia) Networking department across multiple locations focused on the development of software solutions for managing massive-scale interconnected network devices. 

Serves as a high-impact executive within Webb Fontaine R&D, leading engineering teams, helping to improve processes and quality of services and products, helping to improve resources and collaboration within the team, and across teams. 

Vahe is also an Adjunct lecturer at the American University of Armenia, an active member of open-source communities and a Presidential award winner. 

Vahe Momjyan

Observability of Java Applications: Deep Dive and Best Practices

Our software is more complex every next day: applications must be reliable, predictable, and easy to use to meet high expectations. As developers,  our responsibilities have grown. To better understand our systems and create truly modern software, we need observability and dive deep into how this technology works under the hood.