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Hacking incidents and discovery of security vulnerabilities are inevitable. In this talk “Tapping Hackers for Continuous and Effective Cybersecurity”, Secuna CISO AJ Dumanhug will discuss the importance of having a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy to effectively improve the cybersecurity of your assets.

He will also show the demographics of good hackers who are collaborating with different organizations to make the Internet a safer place. Additionally, AJ will discuss how he was able to validate this kind of solution to protect some of the government websites and companies in our country.

AJ Dumanhug is the Chief Information Security Officer at Secuna, a startup that connects organizations to vetted cybersecurity professionals around the world.

He is currently taking up his Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity at the Holy Angel University. AJ currently holds several infosec certifications, including CEH, ECSA and OSCP.

In his free time, he is solving Capture the Flag challenges with hackstreetboys, a professional infosec group in the Philippines. He is
also actively participating in Bug Bounty Programs and has successfully reported valid security vulnerabilities in some giant companies like Facebook, Apple, Evernote, Twitter and more.

In 2019, AJ and other 100 hackers were invited by Facebook and Google in Singapore to participate in a private live hacking event, where he managed to finish in 7th place. Lastly, AJ with his teammate Ameer and Nathu won the ROOTCON 2019’s Capture the Flag competition.