Sanjiv is the President & Country Head of IBM’s Global Delivery Centers in the Philippines. He has accountability for client services under the entire applications & technology consulting portfolio and oversight of BPO delivery out of the Philippines for IBM’s global clients. With a career span of more than 28 years across IBM and PwC, Sanjiv has led versatile portfolios and demonstrated himself to be a decisive, commercially savvy, and results oriented leader. His asset is his people centricity, leveraging which he has consistently built strong relationships with his clients and groomed several motivated executives and leaders under him. Sanjiv is a firm believer of attitude first … ahead of aptitude, to achieve professional goals. His mentorship advice to all software practitioners … "Your career maneuvers within a relevant set of three dimensional space, which could be role, skill, and location. The more flexible you are on each of the dimensions, the bigger the space for your career mobility".

Sanjiv Gupta

The Big Bets for the Future of the Philippine IT Industry: SWOT Analysis

The Philippines has a unique value proposition as an IT offshoring destination for global enterprises. The pandemic created several shifts worldwide in how IT services got delivered as enterprises embarked on their digital transformation journeys with greater speed.

The landscape of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that existed for the Philippines' IT industry prior to the pandemic have changed as the world transitions to the post-pandemic era.

Will there be markets other than North America increasing their Philippine footprint? Will the domestic market fuel growth? Will there be a change in the type of work that flows into the Philippines? Will night shift support remain a differentiator? Will the brain drain stem? How can we enhance high-end technical talent supply? What can the Philippines replicate from other mature global offshoring destinations?

Sanjiv will share his views on questions such as these and point to some of the big bets that the IT industry in the Philippines can make.