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The first concern in everyone’s mind about the cloud is data security. In this day and age where “data is the new gold” and you see data breaches for both big and small companies in the news, this is a very valid concern whether you’re on premise or in the cloud.

So how do you prevent data breaches? Pio Balistoy, Lead Data Platform Consultant at Pythian Services, will talk about data security and best practices on handling your data to make sure your data is safe and secure at SOFTCON 2020.

Pio Balistoy is a Filipino Microsoft MVP for Data Platform based in Singapore. He has been working with Databases for more than 17 years now and has administered all versions of SQL from SQL Server 6.5 to Azure SQL.

He started his career with Accenture Manila office as part and later on as Technical lead for their global DBA team.

For the last 10 years he has been with Pythian Services as a Lead Data Platform Consultant, helping businesses transform using data, analytics & cloud. He actively leads the Data Platform communities both in Singapore and Philippines. You can find him often helping organize or speaking at user groups and conferences in the Asia Pacific region.