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Want to enhance the gaming experience of HTML5 game development? Attend the session “PWA For Games: An Enhanced Web Gaming Experience” with Stephen Vinuya, Software Team Lead at AlphaZetta, at SOFTCON 2020.

Stephen will discuss what PWA is and its history, the features of PWA, how to make PWA, libraries for creating PWA, HTML5 game development and history, and available frameworks or tools for HTML5 game development.

Stephen is a Fullstack Developer at AlphaZetta Inc., where he has been passionately building websites since 2017. He finished a degree in Information Technology from the National University with a distinction as Magna Cum Laude. He is also one of the 8 Microsoft MVP for Developers Technology in the Philippines, a Champion in Accenture Program the Future 2016, and Champion in UMAK IT Olympics 2015.