Jon Limjap is a Principal Developer for PageUp and leads the Philippine .NET Users Group (PHINUG). He is also part of the PSIA Technical Council. He has written software professionally for 2 decades and has been conducting, hosting, and live streaming community talks and events in the Philippine software community for the past 15 years.


Five Years a Dev Without QA - What I Learned, What I Miss, and What I Wish I Could Change for a Better Software Quality Culture

I've worked as a software developer in PageUp without a QA team: the developers are responsible for all manual and automated testing. Yet I'm starting to see aspects of QA being executed by people outside of the dev team -- in very different contexts. In this talk, I'll delve into the relationship devs and QA have, the different perspectives devs and QA hold, and how to reconcile their differences towards becoming a team instead of adversaries.