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Join SITESPHIL Head of Consulting Benjie Brian Zamora as he discusses “The Lost Art of Input Validation” at SOFTCON 2020. This talk focuses on doing input validation, which most developers and software architects think are already done for them by most modern programming frameworks. This talk attempts to open people’s eyes to the dangers of neglecting this basic programming precept. Attend SOFTCON 2020 on Dec. 7-11.

Benjie is the current Chief InfoSec Officer (CISO) of MakatiSoft Inc (SwapooLabs, Inc) and is the Founder and Head of Consulting of Sophie’s IT Services (SitesPhil). 

He has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years, 11 of which was in the InfoSec industry and has been programming since he was 8 years old using Basic until today, using Node, Angular, Python, Perl and PHP. He holds most of the well-known international InfoSec certifications including ISC2’s, CISSP, ISACA’s CISM, EC-Council’s LPT, Comptia’s CASP, Mile’s CPTE, etc.

Benjie holds a BS Computer Engineering degree from UP Diliman and is currently finishing up his Masters in Information Systems at UP Open University working on a cloud-based Opensource Secured Human Resource Information System (SHRIS) as Graduate Thesis