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Designers often find themselves bombarded with needs coming from every direction – from users clamoring for features to developers wanting more involvement, from product managers changing priorities all the time to stakeholders looking for business value.

In his talk entitled “The Designer’s Voice: Making yourself heard as a designer”, David Jan Mercado, Product Designer at Linkurious, will share his experience working with C-level executives, product managers, and software engineers and discuss how design can drive team alignment and ignite critical conversations in the organization. Watch David’s talk at #SOFTCON 2020

David is a Product Designer who strives to translate his understanding of human behavior and design principles into intuitive user experiences. He currently works on graph exploration and visualization topics at Linkurious to uncover suspicious patterns in financial data. He also consults for on its detection anomaly and efficiency optimization platforms. He was previously involved in the urban planning and real estate tech space.

David lives in Paris and enjoys hiking, cycling, and conversations about art and architecture.