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Every business is now a technology business. Companies need to leverage new technologies in order to remain competitive. However, the hindrance to rolling out these new technologies is often testing. Testing, however, can be flipped or enhanced through innovation itself. Innovative automation techniques and testing optimization can be applied so that development and enhancements are done much faster. This results in faster go to market and less resource dependencies. Attend the session “Continuous Testing as a Digital Transformation Accelerator” with Kim Deloria, Head – Testing Center of Excellence at Pointwest, on Day 2 of SOFTCON 2020.

Kim Deloria is the Head of the Testing Center of Excellence where he spearheads testing initiatives in Test Automation and Quality Engineering. He has close to two decades of experience in IT. His work has taken him to several locations in the United States and Asia where he further honed his craft.

Kim is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila and also has a degree in law from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He passed the bar in 2008 and was in law practice for a time before he decided IT was more exciting. He now lawyers only in his spare time (if he still has any).